Friday, April 9, 2010

Favorite Recipes from Around the Interweb

Yes, I have a long list of recipe blogs in my bookmarks, and even more individual recipes bookmarked. I could have cheated and just copied the recipes and posted them as my own. Or possibly changed a few ingredients to make me feel a bit less guilty.

But instead, here are a few recipes that seem to be well accepted these days.

At least by some of us!

Taco Bell Sauce

This gets two thumbs up from everyone, especially the boys, who hate salsa because of the chunkiness. I actually get regular requests for this. It takes about three minutes to makes, and it's much cheaper than buying the Real Thing. Tastes much like it, though. So when you run out of the little bags that you swiped from the restaurant, try this. You'll have to make up your own cute sayings.

Bibim Gutsu

Okay, so this is really more of a grown-up treat. Charlie and I had something like it at a Korean restaurant in Dayton, and I found this approximation that I could sort of do at home. It tastes so good, though!


There's something about paying $3.89 for a box of fairly stale crackers that drives me to experimentation...and here are the recipes to experiment with. Simple and delicious!