Friday, September 4, 2009


Why am I starting this blog? It's not like I don't have anything else to do...far from it. I'm currently homeschooling two kids, waiting for one to figure out what he plans to do with himself (since the option of living with Mom and Dad and letting them pay forever has been firmly closed), saying hello  to our oldest son as he jogs past, and being there for my wonderful husband. I'm also a Girl Scout leader and a homeschool blogger. And I do all the usual household stuff...
..including cooking.

In my case, cooking means family-friendly vegetarian feasts. In reality, this is a bit limiting, since I like to conjure up sumptuous foreign banquets and delicious gourmet delights, but my kids like pedestrian foods. Healthy, but pedestrian. I have become the mistress of the art of culinary compromise, as mammas often are.

Since the advice is usually to 'write what you know' (which makes on wonder just what types of people J K Rowling hangs out with!), I'm starting a cooking blog. Hopefully someone will read it!