Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Pie

This is a very fast, very easy dessert, perfect for hot summer days. It’s also great for beginners,

since there are so few things to mess up! It’s healthy, too.

Part One: Crust

About 20 graham cracker squares

¼ cup butter or margarine

Smash crackers a bit with your hands into a small food processor or a plastic bag. Process until crumby or smash with a rolling pin. Add butter and process again or smush together until well mixed. Press into a pie pan or an eight-inch square pan.

Part Two : Filling

16 ounces of yogurt, any flavor. Vanilla is really good.

8 Ounces cream cheese. Light works fine.

½ cup powdered sugar

Mix it all together with a mixer on low speed. Turn it up to medium high for a minute or two to get out the lumps and make it creamy and light.

Dump into the pie crust.

Freeze the pie for a few hours, then serve and eat. The pie is best if taken from the fridge ten or fifteen minutes before eating to allow a bit of softening. It does well in the fridge also.

While it’s freezing, make this sauce, which is good over pies and cakes, in milk, or wherever else you want a strong hit of chocolate without lots of fat. and remember, chocolate is good for your circulatory system, so this is actually health food! ( I keep telling myself that, anyway....)

Part Three : Chocolate Sauce

1 cup cocoa powder. I use part Hershey’s Special Dark and part whatever usual cocoa I have

1 ½ cups sugar. Brown sugar works well here.

Dash salt

1 ¾ cups water

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix everything together well. Microwave for three minutes, then stir. Microwave at half power for three more minutes, then stir (or microwave for three minutes, stirring every half-minute or so.) Repeat. 

Other sauces can be used, of course. Raspberry and chocolate sauce both play very nicely with the chocolate. A bit of jam or preserves can be melted in the microwave and poured on top. Fresh fruit is great, too.